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Data Analysis and Evaluation

EcoShelf is skilled at analyzing and interpreting multi-variable data and relating them to operational parameters. We determine whether systematic patterns can be discerned from the analysis. We interpret the patterns to assess what the data and analysis reveal about the process or issue of interest. We communicate highly scientific data in an understandable context, and translate the analysis to create a meaningful strategy.
Our experience includes analysis of data collected over time during environmental site investigations, e.g., those undertaken under Superfund or state remedial statutes and regulation, air pollution and related industrial discharges, industrial wastewater and storm water management, treatment and discharges, and natural resources damages, and determination of cause and effect relationships in these cases, to guide future or additional activities.
Superfund National Priorities List
EcoShelf evaluated data from several rounds of periodic monitoring conducted by the government in an attempt to develop data to justify listing of an operating industrial plant on the Superfund National Priorities List.  At first glance, the data collected indicated that contamination serious enough to justify listing allegedly was occasionally observed at and below portions of the site. In light of the fact that this was an operating plant, it would be expected that if the source of the contamination were related to site operations and conditions, the observed contamination would be observed continually rather than occasionally.
The government, unable to explain the occasional observations, wanted to proceed with listing and require the client to undertake extensive investigative work at significant expense and resource commitments.  Our analysis of the data and background documents was successful in relating the apparent data anomalies to periodic data quality and quality control issues at the different test laboratories used by the government for each round of samples collected from the site. The site ultimately was not listed on the Superfund.

We have also worked on matters involving quality control issues in manufacturing.

Manufacturing Specification Issues
Ecoshelf was engaged to assist in diagnosing the causes of problems encountered during scale-up of a new material being developed for use in optical applications. The optical end use for which the material was being developed mandated extremely stringent product specifications, which the developer could not reliably meet. The problem was confounded by the fact that it occurred at random and in an unpredictable manner despite attempts to control raw material supply, solvent purity and even human factors.
We reviewed and analyzed over three years of information comprising 23 separate variables, including product data and test results, manufacturing log books and observations, and specifically including several parameters previously rejected by the development team. We resolved the problem by demonstrating the importance of two of the parameters and procedures, previously considered unimportant, in reliably achieving product specifications.

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