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Expert Consulting

EcoShelf identifies critical scientific issues in a matter and conducts searches for the best-qualified experts for testimony in negotiations, contested cases, and litigation. We work with our legal team to develop the sharpest possible and most credible expert testimony. We work with experts and the legal team to develop effective presentations of the testimony at depositions and trials. We train experts for deposition and trial testimony by conducting exercises and trial runs.

We evaluate possible infirmities and gaps in the purported expertise, and testimony, of experts proffered by the other side. We assist the legal team in preparing for depositions of opposing experts, and fact witnesses testifying on scientific and technical aspects of cases. We work to develop sound bases for arguing for either disqualification of the experts or exclusion or limitation of the proffered expert opinion.
 Representative Areas
In addition to litigation and contested case support, EcoShelf also consults on a variety of complex scientific issues and on patent analysis and freedom to operate issues. We assist investors, entrepreneurs and business owners in evaluating the business potential and scientific soundness of the technology concepts underlying the business concept.

Cost estimation in remediation cases
Comparative evaluation of remediation scenarios
Hazardous waste treatment technology - incineration,
   extraction and recycling
Water treatment technologies - metals removal
Membrane separations
Fuel additives to reduce opacity and corrosion
Health effects of radiation (x-ray, gamma, nuclear)
Chromium risk assessment and cleanup levels
Natural resource damages - PCB and lead contamination
Effectiveness of dredging to remove contaminated sediment

Intellectual Property:
Sporting goods and equipment design
Enzyme therapy
Plastics processing - injection molding, blow molding
   and other techniques
Fiber spinning and property development
Alternate and renewable sources of energy
Controls engineering
Sarbanes-Oxley Compliance
Contract performance and evaluation of indemnification terms,
   particularly in environmental cases
Process safety management
Environmental Management Systems development and
Monitoring compliance with Consent Decree terms
Permit writing
Risk driven cleanups
Technical and legal requirements for remediation

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