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Lawyers have been working with scientific, technical, engineering and economic experts in litigation, contested cases, enforcement matters and in counseling their clients on regulatory demands of the law since the inception of the practice area in the late 1970's - early 1980's. Given the experience base, why do we need a discussion on issues in working with experts and consultants at this point in time? Simply put, Daubert changed the playing field in several ways the impact of which is only now beginning to be evaluated. These changes affect both the legal profession and the scientific, technical, engineering and other expert areas that most often testify in civil trials. Some of these impacts are addressed here.
  • Part I: The Federal Judicial Center Surveys
    Character and Quality of Experts Testifying in Federal Civil Trials
    Specific Issues and Concerns with Expert Testimony

  • Part II: Some Reasons Why Science and Law May Not Always Connect
    The Language of Law and Science Contrasted: The Seven Deadly Differences
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